Thursday, September 25, 2008

How To Seduce A Sleeping Woman

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Light candles in the room
The flickering of candlelight might wake her calmly. It'll be a nice surprise for her when she does. Another alternative could be to turn on some night lights.

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Tips For Virgins - 5 Secret Techniques

If you are a virgin, it is entirely common for you to approach your first sexual experience with a measure of apprehension. You will have numerous questions running through your head: will I be any good? will she orgasm? will I bleed? will I maintain an erection. It can be a combination of your anxiety and lack of self-confidence that ensure your first sexual encounter will be a disaster. This article will share with you some very powerful sex tips for virgins. If you commit them to memory, I promise your first sexual outing will be more than successful, it will be an explosively enjoyable and perhaps life-changing experience.

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Good in Bed - Tips For Men

Caress Her Body

Start off by giving her a nice neck massage. Then proceed to go down her triceps, to her forearms, and then gently squeeze her fist. Don't forget her legs. Massage her thighs, ankles, and then her foot. Get her muscles as relaxed as possible before you start making love with her.

Remove Her Clothing

If she's not naked by now, gently remove the top pieces of her clothing. Do this slowly and casually, but effectively. The last thing you want to do is be stuck for 5 minutes unraveling her bra (Trust me, I've done this before and it gets awkward, fast). So know what you're doing. Then proceed to unravel the lower pieces of her clothing.

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She Would Almost Scream & Cry With Pleasure!
A lot of guys out there tend to complicate matters a lot when it comes to the matter of getting a woman to achieve an orgasm. You see getting a woman to climax is easier than you can even think possible. There are some proven powerful steps you can start taking right now which would instantly make her orgasm. Read on to discover what these powerful tricks are and achieve earth shattering results...

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Breast Lifts

“Over time, a woman’s skin can lose its original elasticity,” says Board certified Denver Colorado Plastic Surgeon Dr. John Squires. “This, combined with the effects of gravity or pregnancy, can have a drastically change the shape of a woman’s breasts as she ages.”

The combination of a breast lift and breast augmentation eliminates the problems sagging or drooping breasts cause. A breast lift and breast augmentation procedure allows women to feel better about their appearance because they no longer have to think about how their breasts no longer look as good as they once did.

A breast lift reshapes and repositions a woman’s breast tissue so that the breasts are more firm, and do not droop. Breast augmentation places a breast implant behind the breast tissue to restore or enhance the size and shape of a woman’s breasts.

When combined, these procedures can transform a woman’s breasts so that she no longer has to suffer from the sagging or drooping that causes self-consciousness or embarrassment. A breast lift and breast augmentation can correct sagging or drooping, as well as increase size and firmness of a woman’s breasts.

There are many benefits of having a breast lift or breast augmentation surgery, but many women find that the boost in self-confidence is the greatest benefit of all. While a breast lift and breast augmentation procedure can improve a woman’s body contour, it can also make a woman more confident with her appearance.

After the breast lift and breast augmentation procedure, a woman’s breasts appear more youthful and vibrant. With their restored or enhanced breasts, women can wear the clothes they want to, and feel more confident about the way they look.

The confidence a breast lift and breast augmentation surgery provides women is often used as a stepping stone to other parts of life. Once a woman feels confident about her appearance, she can do many of the activities that she may have avoided due to her sagging breasts.

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Breast Enlargement 3 Things You Should Know

Breast Enlargement Supplements can help a woman build up self- esteem about herself. How? By enlarging her breast naturally which will make her feel more like a woman. Women with small breast feel as though they are still in training bras. Small breast can make a woman feel less than a woman. They are ashamed of their breast size therefore they wear padded bras, stuff tissue in their bras, do just about anything to make it look as if they have large breast.

Ladies today you will learn about Breast Enlargement Supplements. After reading this article I hope you understand exactly what it is that supplements can do to help you get the breast size you want. What you are about to read does not call for surgery nor will it cost you a arm and a leg.

Breast enlargement supplements is a natural way to enlarge your breast. It is safe and has no side effects that will harm your breast or your body. Here is the way breast supplements work.

1. Breast Enlargement Supplements are natural supplements, when used with the proper exercise program, exercise techniques and enhancement cream, will provide you those missing nutrients you are not getting when you do not eat right.

2. Enlargement Supplements are safe to use. The herbs that make up breast enlargement supplements has been in use for many years. Ingredients are consider safe according to the FDA. Supplements are made from real plants, not chemicals.

3. Breast Enlargement Supplements used with an exercise program can help you develop larger and firmer breast. Supplements will even help build up sagging breast and improve the health of your breast.

So, what have you learned? You have learned that Breast Enlargement Supplements are natural, they are safe, and when used with the proper exercise program breast enlargement supplements can and will enhance your breast naturally.

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7 Mistakes Most Men Make in Bed!

1. Cut your finger nails!

This is such a simple little thing, but it goes a long way. You will be hard pressed to find any area on her body more sensitive than her vagina (inside and out), and the LAST thing you want to do is completely ruin the mood with a scratch. How do you know if your nails are cut short enough? Touch your gums with the tips of your fingers, how do they feel? If you're not sure, cut them. (If you're having daily sex with your partner, you might be cutting your fingernails as often as every 2-3 days.) But believe me, it's THAT important.

2. Listen and pay attention (in bed) in order to know her body.

This topic is so important, it needs its own post, but for now I will summarize. You need to figure out how she wants to be touched, which is pretty difficult to do if you don't have 100% of your concentration on her. Does she prefer her clit stroked from the side? up and down? circles? Are you sure? You should be. No matter what you're doing or how you're touching her, you have two main ways of figuring it out: First you can always ask, "did that feel good, or is that better?" This works great as long as you don't over do it. When you ask, your tone should be confident, you know what you're doing, you're just fine tuning. The second way is watching for those subtle clues. The flush of her skin, the way her mouth opens, her breathing (moaning), her fingers and toes are all good indicators of whether you're doing something right. During foreplay, try touching her one way for 30 seconds, then another way and see if you can spot the difference. This takes practice to learn, but it's well worth it.

3. Don't focus too much on intercourse, and not enough on oral or fingering.

Most men don't realize that there are ways that you can please your partner with your fingers (will discuss in future posts) that you can't even come close to with your penis.

If your fingers aren't involved 4 out of 5 times you're engaging in sex, then chances are you're not leaving her fully satisfied.

As far as oral, I don't think it's a big secret, but many men still don't realize that there's a huge difference for a woman between vaginal and clitoral orgasms. (Especially clitoral orgasms given with your mouth). Some women find clitoral orgasms more intense, others say that vaginal is the big full body orgasm. I find it best to give her both and cover all my bases.

4. More Lubrication Please!

There is nothing worse for a woman than when a guy takes a dry finger and drags it over her clit. The pain is very intense. So just remember this:

When touching a woman don't be afraid of Over-Lubricating.

This is one of those times when more is definitely better. And no you don't have to run out and buy the latest K-Y Jelly, the age old porn technique does the trick every time. Saliva is a fantastic lubricant for most common vagina-related sexual activities. If you are going to be having Anal sex then I really don't recommend saliva, as that might be the last time she will agree to anal :P .

5. Extend the foreplay.

Most women are not constantly lubricated. Just like men need to get hard, women need to get wet in order to enjoy sex. And even though you can shorten this step by applying rule #4, you are doing yourself and your partner a great disservice because, simply put:

The more intense the foreplay, the more intense her orgasms.

6. Consistent Rhythm is the KEY to her Orgasm!

One of the biggest mistakes men make as they try to bring a woman closer to orgasm is constant varying of the firmness and speed of their touch (, lick, or thrust). When a woman tells you that she is getting closer, keep doing what you're doing!

Do NOT start going faster, or harder unless she specifically asks you to.

This is such a simple concept and yet so many men out there just don't get it. Women need a rhythm in order to cum, think of it as playing a tune on a musical instrument, you generally stick to the same rhythm the entire song. If you keep switching up her rhythm you will be unpleasantly surprised as you both become frustrated by her inability to reach orgasm.

7. Orgasm second!

You usually want to make your partner cum (at least once) before you do. Why? Because its fun :-). It gives you that feeling of power and control. It makes you feel great about yourself... Actually if you have to ask why, you're in the wrong place. This rules applies doubly to any of you that are struggling to last longer in bed. Imagine what a great stress reliever it is, if before you ever put your penis inside of her, you've already made her cum twice with your fingers and once with your mouth ;-) You might be so relaxed, you might not even realize that you've conquered your issue. (And if you do cum too soon, no biggie, this was just the icing on the cake for her).

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